Intersectionality: Possibilities for Equality Policy
Supervisors: prof. dr. Karen Celis& prof. dr. Alison Woodward

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the potential of an intersectional perspective for Flemish equality policies. The project aims to bring external intersectionality experts and practitioners into dialogue with the Policy Research Centre’s researchers engaged in policy-relevant research and with civil servants engaged in policy making. In doing so, the project aims to stimulate synergies in the thinking about intersectionality within both research and policy, and to foster the self-reflexivity of the Policy Research Centre’s work. To this end, two workshops on intersectionality will be organised. During these workshops, international intersectionality experts will present a paper and will comment on the contributed papers of the Policy Research Centre researchers. The first workshop (December 2013) centres on theoretical and methodological questions of intersectionality. The second (February 2014) centres on questions pertaining to the implementation of an intersectional perspective in policy.

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