Work Package 1: Inclusion and participation of people with disabilities
Supervisors: prof. dr. Geert Van Hove & prof. dr. Dimitri Mortelmans
Researcher: Tina Goethals

Work Package 2: Employment opportunities of employees with a disability in Flanders: The role of work organizations and institutional actors
Supervisors: prof. dr. Patrizia Zanoni & dr. Stefan Hardonk
Researcher: Eline Jammaers

Work Package 3: To what extent do Flemish policies promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities? 
Supervisors: prof. dr. Daniël Cuypers & prof. dr. Petra Meier
Researcher: Stef Keunen

Work Package 4: Handistreaming in the Flemish policy domains Employment and Social Economy and Education and Vocational Training
Supervisors: prof. dr. Karen Celis & prof. dr. Petra Meier
Researcher: Heleen Huysentruyt

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