Intersectionality – Dec 16, 2013 & Feb 27, 2014

a cross-disciplinary exchange

LECTURE 1 – Brussels – Monday December 16th, 2013


Professor Myra Marx Ferree (Wisconsin University – Department of Sociology) examines the history of the concept of intersectionality. She engages with the growing European interest in the concept of intersectionality and argues that awareness of the black feminist origin of the concept in U.S. jurisprudence is essential if it is to be used to illuminate rather than disguise the dynamic politics of multiple inequalities in particular contexts.

Professor Dagmar Schiek (Leeds University – Centre for European Law and Legal Studies) focuses on the implications for EU non-discrimination law. She discusses the compartmentalised logic of EU non-discrimination law and stimulates us to reflect upon the possibility to protect persons who are situated at the intersection of discrimination grounds via existing EU non-discrimination laws.

16:00 Welcome and introduction to the series (Organising committee)
16:10 ‘Inequality, intersectionality and the politics of discourse’ Professor Myra Marx Ferree (Wisconsin University)
16:55 Discussion – Professor Petra Meier (University of Antwerp)
17:05 ‘EU non-discrimination law: From compartmentalisation to inclusion? Reflection on intersectionality in EU Law’ Professor Dagmar Schiek (Leeds University)
17:50 Discussion – Professor Daniël Cuypers (University of Antwerp)
18:00 General discussion
18:20 Concluding Remarks (Organising committee)

LECTURE 2 – Brussels—Thursday February 27th, 2014


With lectures of Professor Mieke Verloo and Professor Helma Lutz
More information will follow shortly.


University Foundation
Egmonstraat/Rue d’Egmont, 11 1000 Brussels
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Policy Research Centre on Equality Policies RHEA – Centre of Gender and Diversity Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Admission is free, but registration is required.
Deadline for registration: December 2nd, 2013.

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