LGBT – Work Package 4

Families in Transition. The influence of a trans parent on the general well-being of the child
Supervisors: prof. dr. Dimitri Mortelmans, prof. dr. Guy T’Sjoen & dr. Joz Motmans
Onderzoeker: Myrte Dierckx
Start: September 2014

The research focuses on teenagers (12-18 years) of whom a parent recently underwent a transition from man to woman or vice versa. Research concerning children of trans people is scarce, although assumptions about the well-being and identity development of these children are widespread. The explorative research aims to describe the experiences of the (minor) children of trans parents and the influence of the transition of the parent on the well-being and the identity development of the child. The exploratory research uses a quantitative and a multi-actor qualitative approach. We plan in-depth interviews with children, parents, and their significant others. The multi-actor methodology will allow us to provide insights in the children’s social environments. The primary goals of the research is to gain insight in the needs of these children and their families to enable better support in the future for those families. We aim to interview 10 families.

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