On discrimination law – Work Package 3

Realising Equality: Enforcement Mechanisms and Methods in Discrimination Law
Supervisor: prof. dr. Stefan Sottiaux
Researcher: dr. Jogchum Vrielink

Belgium and Flanders are among the European countries and regions that have the most extensive discrimination legislation. Protection against discrimination in both horizontal and vertical relations is thus in many ways – for example in terms of both scope and protected characteristics – higher than in almost all other European countries. In practice, however, the impact of the legislation appears to be limited. This seems in part due to a lack of effective enforcement mechanisms and methods. Since discrimination law thus risks being reduced to mere symbolic legislation in the absence of effective enforcement, Work Package 3 aims to assess the most effective enforcement mechanisms and methods.

In doing so, the work package concentrates on two (interrelated) enforcement matters. The first concerns which specific way(s) of conflict resolution allow(s) for the best results in terms of realising the aims that discrimination law strives for. The second studies how the these conflict resolution strategies can best be implemented on an institutional level.

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