On discrimination law – Work Package 1

(In)equality in (in)equality: Expansions, Diversity and Tensions in Discrimination Law
Supervisor : prof. dr. Stefan Sottiaux 
Researcher : dr. Jogchum Vrielink & NN

Discrimination law is anything but a static field. Its dynamism can be witnessed in several interrelated developments, which include a steady increase in the number of protected grounds and a parallel extension over time of the material scope of anti-discrimination legislation. Traditionally, the legal protection for some discrimination grounds has been stronger than for other ones, while yet other criteria do not qualify for legal protection at all (thus creating so-called ‘hierarchies of equality’).

This situation has come under pressure by present-day developments in which a uniform level of protection and an expansion of the legislation’s personal and material scope (i.e. including more and more grounds, and an expanding scope of application) have come to be regarded as ‘natural’. The aim of Work Package 1 is to submit these ‘expansionist’ and ‘equalising’ developments to a critical analysis, as well as to reflect on the tensions that this development yields with legislation that grants individuals and minorities special rights.

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