Think We Must! 25 Years of Feminist Knowledge Production. The Big Debate
november 21, 2014

Sophia, the Belgian gender studies network, celebrates its 25th anniversary

sophiaThinkweMust14The perfect moment to reflect on the evolutions gender studies have undergone in Belgium and on what the future might hold in store.

Keynote speaker Maria Puig de la Bellacasa and our panel of feminist activists and researchers will discuss the challenges gender studies face, the possibilities for resistance within academia and the ways in which feminist activism and research can (still) go together. Sophia wants to highlight the connections between the women’s movement and gender studies scholars in creating feminist knowledge.

Keynote speaker
Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (University of Leicester), author of Politiques féministes et construction des savoirs. “Penser nous devons!” and Matters of  Care: Speculative Ethics in More Than Human Worlds.

Annelies Decat (Interfederal Centre For Equal Opportunities)
Claire Lobet-Maris (UNamur)
Nadia Fadil (KULeuven)
Sara Maissin (Vrouwen Overleg Komittee)
Moderator: Annalisa Casini (ULB/UMons/Sophia)
The debate will be followed by a festive reception

Middaglijnstraat 10 rue du Méridien
1210 Brussels

Info & registration

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