Call for Papers | International Conference: Transnationalism, Gender and Migration. The Intersectional challenges of Social Mobility


Transnationalism, Gender and Migration. The Intersectional challenges of Social Mobility


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Organised by: Maria José Guerra (ULL) and Laura Oso (UDC)

IUEM- Instituto Universitario de Estudios de las mujeres- Universidad de La Laguna. ESOMI- Sociology of International Migrations Research Team – Universidade da Coruña.
The key objective of this Conference is to articulate the debate surrounding issues of gender and migration from a Citizenship, Inter-generational and Social Mobility approach. Over the past two decades there has been a growing interest in the study of mobilities from a gender perspective. Literature has focused mainly on shedding light on the active participation of women in population movements, with particular attention on the transnational approach. Research has centred principally on the analysis of the reproductive role of migrant women as domestic servants, sex workers and care givers within the process of globalization. Literature also expanded around the issue of the transnational family. Nevertheless, less attention has been paid to the study of gendered mobilities from a Citizenship and Human Rights approach, as well as to the intergenerational and social mobility perspectives. The economic recession, which dates back to 2008, has had a tremendous impact on migrants and has led to a gendered restructuration of the strategies devised by households in an attempt to overcome the current climate of financial adversity. Within this context, transnational families are dealing with intergenerational social mobility strategies in order to face the economic recession (including complex forms of mobility, return, etc.). Lastly, gender and migration debates have focused essentially on non-qualified female workers, so scant attention has being paid to women professionals on the move.

Date & Venue

Date 13-14 November 2014

Place: Campus Universitario de la Universidad de La Laguna, Villa de Adeje, Canary Islands, Spain

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