Call for Papers: Rights on the move | Rainbow families in Europe

Rights on the move – Rainbow families in Europe is the international conference closing the research project with the same name, an action co-funded by the European Union Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme (for more information on the project visit


The conference will look at European legal obstacles and solutions for rainbow families, i.e. families where the couple and the parental roles involve non-heterosexual, trans or intersex persons moving and residing within the EU. By adopting a child-oriented approach, “Rights on the move” aims at unravelling how freedom of movement and family life should be read in compliance with the EU Charter, the European citizenship rights of the child and other international and supranational instruments. The diversity of regulations about marriage and partnership, access to assisted reproductive technologies and adoption, as well as separation and child custody exposes these families to considerable obstacles when moving within the EU.

During the two days keynote speakers, contributors selected with a call for papers and experts will discuss the results of the project research and highlight the latest trends and challenges in the field of LGBTI rights.  The conference will pay particular attention to reproductive rights and recognition of legal status.

Working languages are English, French and Italian.


9 July 2014 Submission of abstracts to:
19 July 2014 Notification of accepted abstracts
31 July 2014 Deadline for early-bird registration
22 September 2014 Deadline for registration
16-17 October 2014 Conference

We encourage papers that touch upon issues of rainbow families addressed by the results of the Rights on the move project research, i.e.:

  • Clashes of fundamental rights (equality, freedom of conscience and religion, best interest of the child, etc.)
  • Comparative constitutional law and analysis of recent cases and reforms
  • Obstacles to freedom of movement for family members under Directive 2004/38/EC and within the Schengen and non-Schengen area
  • Rainbow families and the genuine enjoyment of the substance of the rights attaching to the status of European Union citizen
  • Rights and duties of the legally unrecognised parent in comparative and international law
  • Intersexuality and the demise of gender dualism as a legal classification
  • Surrogate motherhood, medically assisted techniques and cross-border health care
  • Reproductive health of trans and intersex people
  • International private law issues in relation to parenthood, with special regard to the impact of international adjudication on ordre public arguments
  • Dynamic (evolutive) interpretation of international law instruments and of their terminology and concepts (spouse, child, marriage, etc.)
  • Multiple and associative discrimination in relation to rainbow families
  • Discrimination against rainbow families in employment
  • Discrimination or obstacles in ensuring equality in the right to conduct business and in tax law
  • Issues of enforcement of the rights of rainbow families by equality/human rights and other bodies


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